USOW Ambassadors



The USOW Ambassador Program is an opportunity for current and future leaders passionate about improving gender equity, no matter their background or previous experience. Our team ensures that Ambassadors have the tools, resources, connections, and support they need to tell the story of women’s power and make a measurable change in their communities.


Grow a network of local supporters interested in taking action, focusing on outreach to individuals who haven’t previously done so or are looking to get more involved. Collaborate with local nonprofits and other organizations on events or actions. These actions may include mobilizing public support, meeting with local officials, planning a rally, etc. Each Ambassador’s actions may be different and not all will fit into a single issue. 

Bring stakeholders, such as government officials, business leaders, local non-profits, activists, and community members, working on gender equity across issue areas in your community together, ensuring that best practices are being shared, efforts are coordinated, and collaboration is happening through regular roundtables, continued engagement, and the eventual creation of a statewide network. 

Identify individuals doing innovative, groundbreaking, and critical work in their community that should be highlighted on USOW’s media channels and amongst their community of USOW supporters. This includes USOW’s broader reach through USOW’s Forbes BrandVoice Channel. Ambassadors actively share and interact with USOW media platforms and content to amplify the messages of our partner organizations. 


Throughout their time with USOW, Ambassadors work with a wide range of organizations and individuals in their community. Here are some of the ways they’ve been able to kickstart or strengthen their local movements for full gender equity: