USOW is dedicated to working with organizations and individuals across the country and at the forefront of the fight for gender equity. By uplifting voices and accomplishments, we aim to help scale work and connect new audiences and partners.


Across our growing digital platforms, we work to raise awareness and organize around specific issues, create a space for perspectives not always centered in this movement, and elevate stories that will inspire people to take collective action.

The Feminist To-Do List

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Forbes Platform

USOW has our very own column on Forbes where you can find articles penned by contributors and partners from across the country. Hear directly from the organizers, activists, and leaders on the front lines of the fight for gender equity about their work and the issues that matter most.



We collaborate with artists, activists, influencers, and organizations to highlight the issues that uniquely impact women and femmes. Here are just some of the inequities we’ve addressed in recent campaigns:

The Gender Pay Gap

Pay inequity affects women’s lives and careers year-round, but it doesn’t impact all of us in the same way. In collaboration with talented artists Natalie Bui, Bee Harris, Brittany Thornton, and Iliana Galvez, we’ve worked to spark nuanced conversations about the wage gap.

Violence Against Women Act

The United State of Women teamed up with the cast of TV Land’s hit series Younger on a Public Service Announcement in support of the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.

The Womanikin

Conceived by JOAN and supported by the United State of Women, this new product is designed as an attachment for current CPR manikins, with the intention of getting trainees accustomed to the female body and driving equality in cardiac intervention.

Hands off my birth control

Actress and activist Sophia Bush helped USOW explain the importance of access to birth control. It’s basic healthcare for women — not just a contraceptive — and it shouldn’t be up for debate.


Now, more than ever, we have to raise our voices, take action, and empower ourselves and each other. Stay up-to-date on events, action items, and work being done across the country.


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