Anti-Racism Resource Hub


There is no gender justice without racial justice. We, The United State of Women, are committed to supporting Black communities, centering Black voices, and following the example of Black movement leaders as we work to eradicate systems of white supremacy, including within the gender equity movement. 

Below is a growing list of steps you can take to fight structural racism today and make it a more prominent part of your activism moving forward.

If you only have 3 minutes, here are 3 ways to take action!

Protect Black Women and Girls

Center Black Women and Girls

Black women and girls have always been instrumental in the fight for racial justice and other social justice movements, but too often, they have been left behind by the very movements that should protect and uplift them. We must center Black women in all our activism and commit to protecting Black women and girls everyday. Here is a short list of educational resources and actions you can take to turn these ideals into action.

Virtual Mental Health Resources for Black Women

Black women have been profoundly impacted by COVID-19 and the national reckoning with racial injustice. We are listening and want to support you in any and every way that we can. Below are some resources we’ve seen friends and colleagues share, and we hope they’ll help you take care of yourselves.

If you need mental health assistance right now, call the NAMI Helpline at 800-950-NAMI or text “NAMI” to 741741.

Support Black Women-Led and Centered Organizations

Here are dozens of fantastic Black women-led and centered organizations to support, amplify, and follow.


We’ve all been raised within a white supremacist system, and it isn’t enough to just say you aren’t racist. Now is the time to be consciously and actively anti-racist, which means putting in energy to listening to Black voices, supporting Black communities, and unlearning racist beliefs. 

Remember that anti-racist work is a long-term endeavor, something that continues when the hashtags stop trending. Take time to consider how you can make this work part of your daily life. Talk with your friends, talk with your family, and call out racism and white supremacy wherever you see it. Here are some ways you can bring practicing anti-racism in your daily life.

Learn Anti-Racism: Educate Yourself (and Those Around You)

As Ahmed Ali reminds us, “It’s a privilege to learn about racism instead of experiencing it your whole life.” White people and non-Black people of color have a responsibility to consciously work to unlearn white supremacy and practice anti-racism. Remember that this is work we all need to do ourselves. We need to have conversations with our families and friends—don’t put the onus on Black people to educate you. 

Invest in Black Lives: Support Black-Owned Businesses

We must do more than protecting Black lives from violence and murder—we must value and support Black communities and promote long-term economic change. Support Black-owned businesses today, tomorrow, and every day after that. 

Listen Up: Black Voices to Amplify and Follow

Now is the time to take a critical look at who you are listening to and engaging with on social media. Are your social media feeds filled with diverse perspectives? Are you following people who will challenge you to sit with discomfort and dismantle racism every day? Here is a (certainly non-exhaustive) list of fantastic Black voices to follow, listen to, support, and amplify today and every day.

And don’t stop here! Follow and boost Black authors, artists, creators, and thought leaders in every area you’re interested in.

Silence is Violence: Demand Accountability in the Fight for Racial Justice

Courtesy of the incomparable Rachel Cargle and some fantastic activists who know about the power of the pen, here are FREE templates to support you as you work to hold yourself and other white people in your spaces accountable for racial justice.


Stand Up for Black Communities: Donate to Organizations Doing the Work

Police brutality is a chronic, systemic issue facing Black communities across America—one of many forms of oppression upholding white supremacy at the expense of Black lives. If you are able, support the fight against police violence by donating to organizations doing the work to promote and safeguard Black communities. 

$$$ for Change: More Places to Direct Your Donations

Looking for more specific or direct ways to donate money to support Black lives? There are countless funds supporting victims and their families, fighting for legal justice, and promoting an equitable and liberated future for all Black people.

Legal Funds

Active Memorial Funds

Black LGBTQ+ Funds and Causes

Make Your Voice Heard: Sign Petitions

Now is not the time to be silent or restrict your activism to virtue-signaling social media posts. Ensure the nation realizes how strong this movement is by adding your name to petitions calling for justice. (Quick note: is a private corporation. If you make donations to them after you sign a petition, those funds do NOT go towards the petitions or organizations asking for your signature. Instead, consider donating to the nonprofits and mutual funds listed on this page.)