Reducing Occupational Segregation

Occupational segregation hampers the economic well-being of women and the families they support. Over the course of her lifetime, a woman working as an electrician will make over $1 million more than her counterpart working in a traditional “women’s job,” such as a childcare worker or service employee. When women can access high-wage, blue-collar occupations through quality pre-apprenticeship training, information and support services, women can and do flourish. However, registered apprenticeship, a primary pathway into high-skilled blue-collar jobs, is not serving women as they only represent 3 percent of nontraditional apprenticeships such as construction, and only 6 percent in all registered apprenticeship programs nationally.

– Support women seeking access to nontraditional training, supportive services, and employment.
– Address workplace harassment, particularly in industries that have traditionally excluded women and low-wage industries.
– Strengthen the equity pipeline between Career and Technical School system and registered apprenticeship and include specific goals for female participation.
– Increase the number of women in apprenticeship.
– Increase access and opportunity for women seeking nontraditional job training, supportive services and employment.

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