Strengthen Collective Bargaining Rights as a Human and Civil Rights Issue

These workers fare better when they are represented by a union, because they have a voice on the job. Union women are paid better, and are more likely to have access to employer-sponsored retirement benefits, health coverage, training programs, access to paid sick days and other benefits which are negotiated in contracts.

– Increase fines against employers who illegally obstruct union organizing drives, elections and other forms of collective action and include protections for immigrant workers who are more likely to be victims of wage theft and other workplace violations.
– Create a bipartisan, public/private task force to analyze the practice of “Right to Work” as a civil, human rights and economic sustainability issue.
– Address the engagement of state officials, elected representatives and others who interfere with union organizing campaigns and elections.
– Eliminate the exclusion of domestic workers and farm laborers from collective bargaining.