Amplifying Women’s Voices

By Jenni Prisk, Co-founder, iVOW

A woman’s voice is the first that a newborn baby hears. The child listens for love, guidance, and wisdom. Women are wise, and yet so often our voices are shut down or suppressed! It is time for change!

iVOW was founded in May 2016 with the mission to tell the stories of women in our global communities and to paint verbal portraits of their experiences through our Podcasts. These women are activists, peacemakers, politicians, and members of marginalized populations. We’re creating an accessible and important platform for their voices, to educate, empower and enlighten all of us.

Women do everything from nursing to nation-building.  We lead in boardrooms and at borders.  When women collaborate a formidable power is unleashed through synergy and strength.  When women speak up the world must listen because we have powerful stories to tell.

We invite you to listen, learn, and to leave your comments at iVOW.   Whose voice would you like to hear?  Whose voice changed your thinking?  Whose voice should be heard by a larger audience?

iVOW has a long list of women to interview.  We are excited to share them with you. When a woman speaks her truth and shares her values, we believe the world should listen.

Women Peacemaker Podcasts