Economic Empowerment

Closing the Gender Gap

    Closing the gender gap can create an economic advantage in communities but this is not recognized nor explored by political leaders and societies. While a fair amount of progress has been made, we still have our work cut out for us in closing the gender gap.   Sadly… Across the globe every day, women […]

Financial Literacy is King (I mean, QUEEN!)

By Sheena Williams One of the first rules of Accounting we’re taught in college is, “Cash is King!”  As an Accountant, my job is to record all income and expenses for an organization.  The problem was, I got paid to do a job that I didn’t do for myself.  Sort of like, the hairstylist that […]

Diary of a Mad Black Woman Without VC Funding

By DeShuna Spencer, Founder/CEO of kweliTV Recently, Fast Company published “Black, Female Funding Stories,” an article that chronicled two of the 11 black female founders who have raised $1 million in funding. As a black female founder, I was eager to dive into how these women were able to pull off what most of us […]

Why We Need To Talk About Class At Work

By Marah Lidey I live in an apartment in Bedstuy, Brooklyn that was built three years ago. It has a gym, game room, and furnished rooftop. The place is bougie — and out of place. It’s grey, freshly painted lacquer shines from the outside, standing out as a painfully obvious token of gentrification amongst the […]

What would it take to close the Gender Pay Gap?

by Ms. ElsaMarie D’Silva Two important elections are being politically played out in the international arena, the American Presidency and the United Nations Secretary General. Neither position has ever been held by a woman. In the first, there is clearly a frontrunner woman candidate in former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and in the second, […]

For poor women, the answer is their own key

By Grace Virtue My mother, to me, was quintessentially the face of poverty—and the struggle against it. She led our family’s effort to feed, clothe, educate and secure a dignified and productive life for ourselves and future generations. The epic struggle, though, was to acquire land, build a house and secure the ultimate liberation against […]

The Gender Gap Nobody’s Talking About

By: Melinda Gates According to the writer Malcolm Gladwell, 10,000 hours of practice is what it takes to become world class at most things. Part of the reason the Beatles were the Beatles, he says, is that they spent so many hours playing dingy rock clubs first. Gladwell’s principle comes to mind when I think […]

One City Takes a Giant Step for Equal Pay

By: Martha Burk Money Editor, Ms. magazine; national gender pay equity consultant, Director, Corporate Accountability Project, National Council of Women’s Organizations Too often when Albuquerque, New Mexico, makes headlines, it’s bad news — a police department under scrutiny by the Justice Department, or a seemingly unsolvable homeless problem. But recently the city made news for something good — especially […]

Investing in Women

By: Noa Gafni Fello of Social Innovation at the University of Cambridge Written on 03/05/2014  With International Women’s Day only a few days away, it’s important to assess where we stand in terms of gender equality. How are women and girls faring globally? The statistics are striking; whilst the issues themselves vary from the least […]