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Embracing Our Strength

By Barbara Queen, owner of Grip Fitness I have been a personal trainer for over twenty years. During the past two decades I have observed the gradual recognition of women in the fitness industry. The perception of a woman’s role has expanded in exciting ways, yet women everywhere still face intense scrutiny about their appearance…especially […]

4 Ways We Can End Abortion Stigma In This Country

By: Sasha Bruce, Senior Vice President, NARAL Pro-Choice America The stigma around abortion is pervasive. Society tells us at basically every point in our lives that abortion is bad or, at the very least, shameful. That even if your own life is at risk, choosing to seek out abortion care is a net-negative to yourself […]

We Need To Start Talking About Mental Health

By Myya Donnella Jones People are often surprised when they find out I’m from Detroit. “The hood,” they call it. Or, my personal favorite, “the ghetto.” I am the product of a two-time teen mother who never graduated high school. You see, I can’t tell my story if I don’t tell my mother’s first: My […]

HIV/AIDS Among Black Women and Girls: Understanding the Context of Their Lives to Provide Effective Interventions

By: Dr. Ivy Turnbull VicePresident and Chair of Public Policy for the National Black Women’s HIV/AIDS Network, Inc. The National Black Women’s HIV/AIDS Network (NBWHAN) was developed in 2006 in response to the alarming disparity in HIV infection rates between black and white women, and the lack of policies to address the disparity. At the […]

I Love My Boobies!

By: Dr. Toby S. Jenkins, Assistant Professor Georgia Southern University As a breast cancer survivor, my boobies have taught me a lot about leadership. Yes, leadership. What do boobs and bras have to do with leadership? A lot! My Story I am a chronic over achiever-a very hard worker. In college, I was involved in […]

“I have alopecia! There, I said it!”

By: Tanya Barnett Tanya Xchange I have alopecia! There I said it! Five years ago, those three words stuck in the back of my throat. I could barely whisper them without tears streaming down my face. Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that attacks the hair follicles. What does this mean? It means I live with […]

Promoting Equal Futures Across the Lifespan

Too often, conversations about women and girls do not include older women. If we look across the lifespan, however, we see that many of the challenges older women face are the same barriers they encountered earlier in their lives: wage discrimination; unequal expectations of caregiving and raising children; higher costs of health care; violence and abuse. Gender disparities exist regardless of age and can be intensified by discrimination based on disability, sexuality or gender identity.