Violence Against Women

Spotlight: Promoting Sex Positivity with Emily Lindin

Emily Lindin is the Founder of The Unslut Project, an online storytelling platform that promotes gender equality, sex positivity, and comprehensive sex education for all ages. Emily started The Unslut Project by publishing her own diary entries from ages 11-14 documenting her feelings and experiences after being labeled the school “slut.” The Unslut Project quickly […]

Sexual Violence Is Not Inevitable

By: Kirat Sandhu former ItsOnUs Student Advisory Committee. On June 14, the White House will convene people from around the world for the United State of Women, a large-scale effort to both celebrate how far women and girls have come and highlight all that still remains to be done. This post is part of a series […]

It’s On Us to Make an Impact on Sexual Assault

By: Samantha Franks, Student Advisory Committee In the past two years, sexual assault prevention became ubiquitous. In part, we can thank the White House. In September of 2014, President Obama and Vice President Biden launched the It’s On Us initiative, born out of the bold — if not simple — idea that preventing sexual assault on […]