Every Woman, Every Story

By: Dorie Hagler

If I can’t be a Super Hero with flying powers than being the founder of me&EVE and meeting the women I meet everyday is the next greatest thing.

I photograph and interview “everyday” women who I meet throughout my day. And during our few minutes together, I shine a spotlight on their life experience and then also feature their story on my blog and Instagram feed.  I say “every-day” women because we live in a celebrity- obsessed world where many people don’t think they matter if they aren’t rich or famous. Those few minutes of being witnessed by someone who is paying attention to them and my subsequent blog posts matter greatly.  Included are three of the features, one woman I met on equal pay day when I was photo-busking to bring awareness to the wage gap issue. One woman is an old friend of mine who was visiting and shared her story about loving childbirth, which was so different from my own experience of childcare that I wanted to share it. And the entrepreneur I met at a Female Founders Meeting at GRIND, a co-working location in NYC.  This women don’t necessarily share anything in common except their gender – and that’s my point, every woman, every story, is different and I want to acknowledge as many of these stories as possible.


Coreen Callister

Coreen Callister

“I’ve asked for a raise 1-2 times per year for the last three years.  I’ve been given most of them. Once I asked for a raise in the beginning of the year but didn’t get the increase until towards the end. I know how hard I work, and I know how much money I bring in to the business.  I told my supervisor that I was glad I got a raise but if the raise was given earlier in the year I could have contributed to my 401K and accrued more money, I asked them to consider how they could make up this difference to me. I know my  co-workers and my supervisors will value me more if I value myself, not asking for a raise is a missed opportunity.”

Coreen Callister is a business development associate at IDEO in San Francisco.

Karen Loew

Karen Loewcropped

“If I had baby lust  than at least my decision would be clear.  I struggle with indecision about having children.  If I were man I wouldn’t have the same struggle because women are defined by motherhood in a unique way.”

Karen Loew is a writer/journalist.

Simrita Dhillon

me&EVE female founders0038

“I was about to throw in the towel with my business when the phone rang.  I was sitting on a beach in Goa and thinking that I can’t have it all.  I can’t grow my business, be a mother and be a wife all at the same time. It was the US. Consulate in Mumbai on the phone, and my business profile was matched with another female entrepreneur.  I was being sent to Atlanta, Georgia to be mentored for 21 days by the youngest female self-made billionaire, Sara Blakely of Spanx.  I am a big believer in manifesting things in your life.  A year before I had cut out the cover of Forbes magazine that had Sara on the cover and put it on my dream board. I brought it with me to Atlanta and when I showed the dream board with the cover of Forbes Magazine to Sara we both had tears in our eyes.  Sara is a big believer in manifestation too and says all of her accomplishments were because she visualized them. My life has not been the same since that phone call and that experience.”

Simrita Dhillon is the founder of Simrita & Associates.