Life after Gym Class

By Catherine Basu, Owner of Fit Armadillo®

Growing up, I hated gym class.

If you had told me in Kindergarten that I’d spend most of my 20s working in gyms, I would have run away from home.

Luckily, I didn’t meet any prophets in grade school.

Instead, I spent my days dreaming up ways to get out of PE even though I was too much of a goody two-shoes to follow through with even one of my grand schemes.

Can you relate?

As a personal trainer who’s been in the fitness industry for nearly a decade, I’m willing to bet you can.

Even if you weren’t as uncoordinated as I was (and let’s be honest still am…becoming a personal trainer didn’t help my hand-eye coordination much), you likely have a gym horror story or two.

And while you might have gotten lucky and found a sport’s team to join to help you overcome some of the hard times, if you’re like most women I meet, you’re likely not as active as you’d like to be right now.

After all, who has the time to go to the gym these days?

Especially when you’re trying to do it all and change the world.


YOU do! I promise you, you DO have time.

Maybe not to spend hours at the gym, but to be active and, more importantly, you owe it to yourself to fit in fitness.

Hear me out!

I say this not because I think you need to lose weight for the summer. Trust me, that’s not why I’m on my own personal mission to help women fit in fitness. I’m just as into the body positivity movement and showing up as our true selves as the next feminist, and I know that you can be over your ideal weight and healthy.

There is more to this story and, luckily, life after gym class.

As I’ve gone on my own journey from hating gym class, to falling in love with my fitness passion (running), to wanting to help others find their own fitness match, to creating my own business to fill a gap in the industry, I became a student of the female entrepreneurs who came before me.

And what I found as I tuned in to tele-summits, bought book after book, and spent hours listening to TED talk after TED talk was that moving more was actually a secret of success for many entrepreneurs.

And not just any entrepreneur or fitness entrepreneurs. I’m talking big time ones with non-fitness empires, too, like Richard Branson (seriously, check THIS out).

To summarize my research: If you’re building an empire or working on a movement, you NEED daily movement in your life.

In fact, your success might depend on it.

As one of my fave TED Talkers and positive psychologists, Shawn Achor, taught me, it’s not success that leads to happiness. It’s happiness that leads to success. And getting some of this happiness can be as little as a 15-minute walk (as he calls it the “fun 15”) away.

That’s right! While working on your women’s movement, science says adding movement will increase your motivation, energy, and creativity. Just ask Caroline Webb, former partner at McKinsey and author of one of my fave new reads, How to Have a Good Day.

Moving more is a secret of success that I’ve made my mission to reveal to the world.

I started this mission, my contribution of the women’s movement, two years ago with an interview series called Fitting in Fitness where inspiring female thought leaders and entrepreneurs shared how and why they add movement to their busy days and dared viewers to join them.

I received so many amazing stories from super inspiring women as a result of this series that I’m now turning it and the best interviews into a book.

If you’re ready to learn why fitness is about so much more than fitting into your skinny jeans and have a movement of your own that would benefit by added energy, creativity, and inspiration, I hope you’ll join me in mine.

Move more to fuel your part in our modern women’s movement.

Start getting inspired here! You’ll be able to check out older fitting in fitness interviews, sign up for an advance copy of the book when it’s ready later this year, and join in on some of the past fitting in fitness dares.