Mommas Supporting Mommas

By Brooke N. Hawkins, Mocha Moms, Inc.

When I became the editor of a newspaper, I thought I had reached the pinnacle of my career. The work gave me a purpose and it was a surreal feeling to know that so many people were listening to me and valuing my opinion.

When I got laid off, I had a seven-month-old baby and was living at home with my parents. I started to doubt my ability to be a good editor, and with a new baby in my life I started to question whether I was fit to be a parent as well. What kind of mother can’t hold on to a job to provide for her child?

At just the right time, I discovered Mocha Moms, Inc. an organization originally designed to offer support to stay at home moms which now included me. I learned of the organization through a previous job and only knew that I wanted to learn more about resources available to me as a new mom. Six years later and I can thankfully, and sometimes tearfully say, that I have gotten so much more out of this experience.

  • I am not alone. I learned that every first time mother believes she is the only one that gets overwhelmed; the only one that questions every action; the only one that wonders on a daily basis “what in the world did I get myself into??” Just knowing that other women have gone through, and in some cases were still going through, the same insecurities as I had was a great comfort.
  • Being a stay at home mom is fulfilling. I used to be one of those people that didn’t understand why a woman would choose to stay at home with her children all day. Being thrust into that position gave me a greater appreciation for mothers everywhere and forced me to not only learn about my son firsthand, but to also figure out what kind of mother I wanted to be.
  • Everyone needs support, especially mothers. After I joined Mocha Moms, Inc., I was told repeatedly that the organization is not a playgroup for children, though that is an added bonus. It was always meant to show support to mothers through support groups and Moms Night Only events. I already have groups of friends from school and church whom I love dearly; however, you need those mommy friends who will understand and sometimes guide you through the trials that accompany parenthood.

Joining this organization helped me to become more confident as a woman, wife, and mother. My purpose was restored and I learned that in order to raise some productive, intelligent and kind hearted babies, I need to be a leading example of the type of person they should become.