Ready to Shine? 3 Reasons Why You Should Let Other Women Empower You

By Franziska Alesso Bendisch, The BE Company International LLC

So, you’re ready to live your purpose. To finally be courageous, break out of your shell and live bold, big, and, most importantly, on your own terms. Whether this means leaving your current job and starting your own venture, finally ending a draining relationship and moving on, or simply finally putting yourself first: your passions, your health, and your happiness.

However, you can’t manage to silence your self-doubts. You know the sort: “Am I good enough”; “Can I really do it on my own?”; “Isn’t this egoistic of me?” And no wonder, as this step will take you out into the spotlight, the unknown, onto new challenges, and maybe set-backs.

But if stopping now is not an option, how can you overcome this self-imposed, but completely normal, barrier to finally letting your light shine?

Your best strategy: Connect with like-minded women.

I see it over and over again in our online community BE Part: a strong network of women to empower you is priceless – no matter whether it’s a physical network or a virtual one. Here are the main reasons why:

They give you strength – Say you lack a strong support network amongst your friends and family. You love them, but they just don’t get what you’re aiming to do? Sometimes women who are in the same situation as you are your strongest allies. Because they know what you’re going through (they’ve gone through it themselves), and they share the perspective of being a mother, daughter, girlfriend or wife. They can give you the strength to put your plans into motion, and show you that they made it, despite all adversity – and so can you.

They shorten your learning curve – Been there, done that. That’s the kind of women you should surround yourself with. From advice on how to register your business or to talk to your partner, to exchanging healthy recipes, a strong network of women takes you where you want to go faster. Plus, it can take you further! All of you are aiming at the top of your glass ceiling, so you might as well push each other to reach even higher.

They lift you up with them – Strong women don’t need to step on others to get to the top. Instead, they take other women to the top with them. They promote each others’ businesses, share referrals and collaborate. Whether you’re looking for a co-founder, supplier or new job: people do business with those they like and trust. More than 70% of jobs are landed through networking. Everyone succeeds in a close-knit network, where support and cross-promotion prevail over competition. Win-win for all.

Allow yourself to let other women empower you! You don’t have to do it all on your own. Plus, it’s not as difficult to find these kinds of women as you might think. BE Part, my company’s online community, or the by-invite-only Dreamers//Doers, are great networks to get you started. Just start reaching out and you’ll have a group of ladies who will help you shine in no time.

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