Spotlight: The Women Heading to Washington

The presidential election wasn’t the only race that took place on Tuesday. The 2016 election produced four new female Senators who have broken barriers of their own! Overnight, the number of female senators of color jumped from one (Senator Mazie Hirono of Hawaii) to four. This week, we’re spotlighting Tammy Duckworth, Kamala Harris, Maggie Hassan, and Catherine Cortez Masto and their victories for women across the country.

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Tammy Duckworth, Illinois


Tammy Duckworth is a former helicopter pilot in the U.S. Army who lost both her legs in the Iraq War. She has been a long time advocate for families and Veterans in Illinois. Not only is she the first double amputee to be elected to the U.S. Senate, but as a Thai American, she is now the second Asian woman.

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Kamala Harris, California

LA Times

Born in Oakland, CA, Kamala Harris has been committed to fighting for social justice as the Attorney General of California. She has now become the first Indian American Senator and the second Black woman to be elected to the U.S. Senate.

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Maggie Hassan, New Hampshire

As a mother of a child with disabilities, Maggie Hassan has dedicated her work to ensuring that all children have equal opportunities. As the Governor of New Hampshire, Maggie Hassan froze tuition at state universities for the first time in 25 years and has been committed to helping families and small businesses.

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Catherine Cortez Masto, Nevada

NBC News

Catherine Cortez Masto became the first Latina woman to be elected to the U.S. Senate. During her two terms as Nevada’s Attorney General, Catherine Cortez Masto has been dedicated to improving the lives of families, women, and seniors in Nevada.

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