Spotlight: Hosting a #UnitedDayofWomen Strategy Session with Ciara

Ciara is a Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter, producer, actress, model, and entertainer. Ciara has released six studio albums since her debut in 2004, selling over 23 million records and 16 million singles worldwide. 

Ciara hosted her own #UnitedDayofWomen strategy session on December 3rd! Find out what her group discussed and get inspired for your next group’s meeting.

What role has female empowerment played in your career and in the music you create?

Female empowerment has always been very important to me since putting out my first single, Goodies. That was actually a female empowerment song/anthem. I’ve always believed in valuing yourself, uplifting other women, and being able to be all that I’ve ever dreamed of regardless of gender.

What inspired you to host a United Day of Women Strategy session?

I thought it was a great opportunity and time for us women to get together to learn more, talk about the issues that our country is facing, and to figure out a way we can all come together to make a difference

What issues did your group focus on and what were some of the actions people pledged to take after Saturday?

A few of the things we touched on were topics like women’s reproductive rights, domestic violence, and social justice. We also talked about the importance of leading with love and how it can be a great way to have a positive conversation with someone when you may have a strong difference of opinion. At the end of our discussion, we decided to donate our time to organizations that empower young women and discuss the importance of self-love.