We want YOU to find your political identity

By Sonia Schmidt, Cored News

cored news

We were frustrated. Every day we were asked to understand politics and the world around us. Every day, we were supposed to make informed decisions, and have sources to substantiate these claims, beyond hearsay. All while doing well in school and keeping up with extracurricular activities, of course.

There wasn’t a source for us to follow that would keep us informed in a way that fit in with our ridiculously hectic lifestyle as high-school students in northern Virginia. There wasn’t a source that told both sides of the story, so we often found that when we did have time to read up on politics, our conclusions weren’t as informed as we had once thought.

We saw it in our peers as well, we didn’t have time for, or weren’t given access to outside opinions, and so we often reverted to rephrasing what we heard at the dinner table. We were privy to only the experiences and perspectives of the people within our immediate group of friends and family. How can we expect to create a more informed young America if we refuse to inform them? How can we be angry with people who have extremely partisan viewpoints if we do not offer them both sides?

This is why three high school girls decided to take their learning into their own hands. We created a platform, and social media presence, designed to inform young people with accurate, easily readable, and engaging information so that they could establish their own political identity, regardless of where they came from or what their parents or friends believe. We wanted to empower people to expand their own understanding of current events, we wanted to give young people the best chance possible at creating a less partisan future.

Because of all this, we added discussion elements so people could have an open forum to talk about where they stand. We have a section where anyone can submit an opinion piece so their voice and their perspective can be heard. We encourage commenting; we want people to read their piece and feel something so passionately that they just have to respond.

We love a good argument. We thrive off debate. We wanted to make a safe space where people from all around the country, and world for that matter, can come together to discuss how their perspectives changed their political opinions. We challenge everyone: Join the debate.