Where are the Women In the Room?

By Diana D. Price, CEO Diana Price and Associates http://www.dpriceassociates.com

Women must use everything we have to get what we want.

We need more access to sponsors, economic opportunities, resources, top level mentoring, financing, education and transformational learning to get in the spotlight. Women are to silent in business and politics. We need more women in top leadership positions in large, global businesses, in government, and in every industry, period.

The Women in the Room Gap is visible and persists. In too many situations in business and politics there may be a single women representative. It is difficult to think of an industry where women leaders outnumber men. We’ve heard the real reasons why there is not more room at the top for women in business and politics.

Here are the concerns, and some solutions to reverse the stinking trend.

  1. The Stress/Pressure Solution.
  • Create visibility of female up and coming leaders via top-level Mentor and Sponsor relationships.
  • Meet regularly and Interact with other male leaders.
  • Self care, stay healthy.
  1. Level Playing Field Solution.
  • Pair senior leaders/sponsors with female talent.
  • Each assume responsibility for visibility and advancement.
  • Collaborate and Map Your Career Path.
  1. Do Men Pull Their Weight At Home? Solution.
  • More Family Support, reduce the choice women must make between family and work.
  • Women, partially abdicate your role as Household CEO.
  •  Corporate Concessions – Women must not be expected to give up everything for their career.
  1. Motherhood Solution.
  • Flexible Work Hours.
  • Work-Life Integration.
  • Work From Home.
  1. Do Women Hold Back? Solution.
  • Disrupt the status quo.
  • Don’t be apologetic for who we are.
  • Implement the 7-Step Formula.

Seven-Step Formula: To Close the Women in the Room Gap

When women get involved, it is to make a meaningful impact in peoples lives and serve. We must speak loudly that our mission is to create a pipeline of successful women.

  1. Get a sponsor who will open doors, advocate and introduce you.
  1. Develop relationships with senior leaders, top business experts, seek their advice and use it. Share what you’re doing and your aspirations.
  1. Contribute, create growth, and help others grow.
  1. Commit to helping another woman; share your knowledge.
  1. Use your power and influence to give a hand up, influence and uplift other women.
  1. Create space to form professional relationships with men, and be aware of tricky barriers that may come up.
  1. Stay focused on creating opportunities, using resources, and ways to up level yourself.

Diana D. Price, CEO of Diana Price and Associates, Master Communications and Business Culture Strategist, Speaker and Forensic Travel Expert has been nominated in two categories, Rising Star and Philanthropist of the Year, for this years’ 2016 Women’s Summit in Los Angeles.

Diana has devoted her life and her business to service. She is results driven, self-motivated and resourceful with a proven ability to develop and strengthen teams. She is an active mentor who cares, listens and advises. She is passionate about using and sharing her leadership knowledge to serve others.

Diana has worked with over 1000 professionals and teaches her clients a simple evidenced-based formula for taking focused responsibility to achieve more.

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