Women don’t live their lives in silos, and we can’t talk about critical issues in silos either. USOW convenes advocates, organizers, communities, and more to raise their voices in support of gender equity. We do this through our biennial national summit, our regional Galvanize events, and local events hosted with our partners and Ambassadors.


Nationally, regionally, and locally, we’re dedicated to bringing people together at events and convenings across the country.


We hosted our first Summit in the Obama Administration and continue to use the biennial event to convene activists, partners, and stakeholders across issue areas, geographic location, and movements!


Designed to take the momentum from our national United State of Women Summit and amplify voices in communities across the country, this one-day event brings together women, girls, and allies to hear from an inspiring combination of local and national experts at the forefront of the fight for gender equity. Their work spans government, education, tech, medicine, activism, and everything in between. Regardless of previous experience or engagement, attendees will connect with organizations across the movement and emerging leaders in their community to channel energy into action, leaving with new ideas and partners, hands-on training, and the tools, resources, and next steps needed to make change at all levels.


These smaller events are meant to “spark” conversations in the lead-up to our larger Galvanize convenings. They range in format and topic, but always emphasize networking and taking even the biggest conversations around gender equity to a community level.


Have an event you’d like the USOW community to know about? Email us at [email protected].

Become an Organizational Partner

We are proud to continue our work with a broad range of partners across the country. The dedicated organizations and individuals and the movements they have built are what makes USOW possible. 


Now, more than ever, we have to raise our voices, take action, and empower ourselves and each other. Stay up-to-date on events, action items, and work being done across the country.


We strive to make our programs and events as accessible as possible and want to bring USOW to communities in a way that minimizes any financial barriers.