United State of Women One Million Actions Plan

Connect, Convene, Amplify: All With the Goal of Collective Action

The United State of Women is dedicated to connecting, convening and amplifying voices in the movement for full gender equality. Our strength is in our power as a convener — we connect women and allies all across the country and amplify the most pressing issues of gender equality.

USOW has set an ambitious goal to spur 1 million actions. Actions are our measurement because when we take action, we can and will change policies, procedures and culture for gender equality. We are working with partner groups to organize these actions, because change will only come when we are working together.

How We Will Get To 1 Million


  • The Galvanize Program: At the first United State of Women Summit, you made it clear you wanted to keep learning and connecting – and you wanted to do it in your local community. We heard you loud and clear! In 2017 and 2018, we trained over 3,500 women in Chicago, Columbus, Atlanta, Miami, Philadelphia, and Alburquerque with the help of our track partners and local host committees. In 2019, we can’t wait to bring The Galvanize Program to even more cities!


  • Ambassador Program: Ambassadors are local leaders who are ready to step up and run United State of Women organizing projects in their local communities. Selected activists will receive the tools, data and community sharing needed to set goals, organize and win concrete steps for gender equality in their local community. Apply to be an Ambassador today!
  • Online Action Hub: What’s action if you can’t track it? In order to drive action (and keep count) USOW is working with Countable where supporters can read more about breaking news issues, how it affects you, and learn ways to take action. We’re also working to map the women’s movement so supporters everywhere can find a place and an issue to plug into. Sign in and get started here!