United State of Young Women

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Wednesday, July 22
Thursday, July 23
Friday, July 24

Thank you to everyone who joined us for The United State of Young Women, three days of online programming centering the voices and experiences of young women, both cis and trans, femmes, and gender nonconforming people. You can watch the entire program below!



Day 1
Wednesday, July 22

12:00pm ET | Welcome to the United State of Young Women!
Land Acknowledgement by Savannah Romero, Eastern Shoshone Tribe.

12:05pm | Special Performance by Joy Oladokun

12:10pm | How Young Leaders Got Their Start
With Karla Guadalupe García and Noemi Bartolo.
Looking for inspiration to start your journey in leadership? In “How Young Leaders Got Their Start,” our fantastic panelists will talk about how they became leaders in their communities and the women who inspired them to take charge.

12:30pm | Special Performance by Elli Moore

12:35pm | Girls Protecting Girls: Young Voices Combating Violence Against Women
With Tyah-Amoy Roberts, Edith Grace Williams, and Mary Pat Hector. Moderated by Dr. Stephanie J. Hull, Girls Inc.
Every day we are working to create a safer, more equitable, and better future for the next generation. During this important conversation, young activists of color will share their experiences and strategies from doing the work to combat violence against women and girls.

1:05pm | Break and Guided Meditation with GirlTrek

1:15pm | Special Message from A’ja Wilson

1:20pm | Content Creation Meets Social Transformation
With Sage Dolan-Sadrino, Chantal Rochelle, and Savannah Romero.
Womxn only make up around 41% of the world of media and womxn of color represent an even smaller percentage. Young creators are doing fantastic work to change this by combining media and activism. In “Content Creation Meets Social Transformation,” you’ll learn what it means to be an activist in media, how to use your platform for social change, and ways to open doors for others!

2:00pm | Day 1 Breakout Sessions
Our partners have put together a great collection of breakout sessions focusing on important topics and concrete skills relevant to young women, femmes, and nonbinary people. Check the “Breakouts” Section for descriptions. Registration is open NOW!

3:00pm | End of Day 1!

Day 2
Thursday, July 23

12:00pm ET | Welcome to Day 2 and Performance by Zero Hour Music Group

12:10pm | Fighting for a Sustainable and Equitable Future
With Céline Semaan, Bii Gallardo, and Sarah Ricci.
There is no Planet B, and young activists are leading the charge to protect the only planet we’ve got. This panel will tackle the nuances of fighting climate change, like championing racial justice in the climate movement and incorporating sustainability into your wardrobe!

12:45pm | Performance by 2020 National Youth Poet Laureate Meera Dasgupta

12:50pm | Wellness Break with GirlTrek

12:55pm | A Special Message from L’Oréal Paris and Hollaback!

1:00pm | From Self-Care to Health Care: Barriers to Health for Young Women of Color Fireside Chat
With Dr. Candice Nicole Hargons and Trinity Johnson.
The last few months have been incredibly difficult and stressful, especially for women of color. In “From Self Care to Health Care,” we’ll explore the different ways activists are fighting to protect mental health, break down barriers to care, and keep women and girls healthy, in the pandemic and beyond.

1:35pm | Dance Break with Nia Sioux followed by a Special
Message from Temple Lester and Jordan Reeves

1:45pm | Fireside Chat with the Womens Foundation of CA & The CA Endowment President’s Youth Council 

With Diana Zúñiga, Karla Ortiz, and Ivette Alé.

2:00pm | Day 2 Breakout Sessions
Our partners have put together a great collection of breakout sessions focusing on important topics and concrete skills relevant to young women, femmes, and nonbinary people. Check the “Breakouts” Section for descriptions. Registration is open NOW!

3:00pm | End of Day 2!

Day 3
Friday, July 24

12:00pm ET | Welcome to Day 3
and Special Message from Marley Dias and Lexi Underwood

12:15pm | Start Young, Start Local: Getting Civically Engaged as a Young Person
With Mayor Aja Brown of Compton.
In this inspiring keynote, you’ll hear from a mayor about her journey becoming an elected leader and why young people should be civically engaged with their communities!

12:25pm | My School Votes (And Yours Can, Too!)
With Shelby Lynn Williams, Tasfia Ahmad, and Gabrielle Forbes. Moderated by Irene Franco Rubio.
Learn how My School Votes Student Ambassadors organize in their schools to get people in their communities registered to vote.

12:50pm | Going ALL IN for the Campus Democracy Challenge

With Dominique J. McMillan.
For a lot of college students, getting motivated to vote and navigating what can be a confusing voter registration process isn’t easy. Enter the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge! They’re on a mission to empower colleges and universities to achieve excellence in student democratic engagement!

1:00pm | Performance by 2019 NYC Youth Poet Laureate Camryn Bruno

1:10pm | Wellness Break with GirlTrek

1:20pm | Protecting Trans People at the Ballot Box
With Rev. Elena Rosa Vera and Coral Mercy Cruse.
Going to the polls shouldn’t mean braving fear, misgendering, and bigotry for transgender people.
Trans Lifeline will present their project—in collaboration with MTV—on the challenges the transgender community faces with voter identification.

1:50pm | Demystifying Voting for Gen Z
With Raie Gessesse.
Want to harness your political power and make your voice heard? Vote! Join IGNITE for a conversation about the importance of voting up and down the ballot and the tools they use to educate young voters in every state.

2:00pm | Voter Registration Couch Party
With When We All Vote, Amandla Stenberg, Hannah Bronfman, Yris Palmer, and DJ Gemma Castro.
Let’s get to work. Join us for a voter registration couch party! Together, we’ll take action to help our friends and family register to vote. We’ll hear from special guests, listen to some great music, and most importantly—have fun!

3:00pm | End of the United State of Young Women!


Our partners have put together a great collection of breakout sessions focusing on important topics and concrete skills relevant to young women, femmes, and nonbinary people. Please note that these breakouts will run concurrently and attendees can attend one breakout each day. If you are joining us for a day 2 breakout, please click on the breakout below at 2pm ET to join!

 Find Your North Star: Developing the Narrative Every Changemaker Needs

She’s the First

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the urgent needs the world has and all the ways you could get involved? Are you jumping at any opportunity to help, at the risk of overcommitting? Or maybe you are unsure where to even start.

If this sounds like you, you’re invited to a breakout with the Co-Founder & CEO of She’s the First, Tammy Tibbetts. She’s the First is a global organization fighting for a world where every girl can choose her own future. Later this year, Tammy and her co-founder, Christen Brandt, will publish their first book: Impact: A Step-by-Step Plan to Create the World You Want to Live In (Nov. 17, PublicAffairs).

Based on the first chapter of this book, Tammy will teach us techniques to focus on a specific issue area and use your story to make a real difference. Every participant will leave this session with a personal narrative and clarifying statement that illuminates their path as a changemaker.

RunAsYouAre™ 90 Day Challenge


At Vote Run Lead, we believe you already have the experience, talent, and networks to achieve your political ambition. Our RunAsYouAre™ methodology will accelerate the growth of your political networks and know-how with practical and actionable steps. The 90 Day Challenge training workshop will help you make a real plan to get to know your political community, find the best office to run for, and bolster your campaign to win. With the unprecedented surge in women interested in running for office, our essential and individualized approach equips participants to campaign and win. 

Vote Run Lead has a 70% win rate and our community is 60% women of color. We specialize in local and state offices. You will get insights on digital tools for a modern campaign and access to join our community.

See You On The Internet!


Join Happily, the official producers of United State of Young Women, to learn about convening and connecting through digital platforms. As pioneers in the digital event space (and awesome people!), they will share tips and tricks to make the most of digital platforms for everything campus organizing events to weekend get-togethers!

Show Me How Big Your BRAVE Is

The BRAVE Institute

This session will focus on inspiring and challenging participants to step into their leadership right from where they are. We will work together to develop and foster our personal leadership identities as well as prepare for the practical employment of our skills for the purposes of creating sustainable positive change in their communities.

Keep Your Peace

Ladies of Virtue

Take time for yourself, refresh your mind and start a new hobby! Join Melanie, Keturah, Kourtney, and Jae, mentees from Ladies of Virtue, to hear how they’ve coped with the unrest in Chicago and injustices in our country.

WOKE WOMEN for Teens by Teens: How we built an intersectional feminist program in Boston (and how you can too!)

Girls Inc. Boston

Denelis and Aryana were having a conversation with friends where the topic of consent came up. From this conversation, not only were they uncomfortable about what they were hearing, particularly from their male friends, but when they voiced their opinions, the conversation turned into an argument. After reflecting on this experience, they decided to create Woke Women, a program at Girls Inc. funded by the Department of Public Health that created a safe space for girls to come together and discuss important topics like consent, racism, and sexism. Learn about how they took steps to start a program that created a safe space for young women in their community and how you can too.

Sustainable Fashion: Co-Creating the Young Women’s Agenda

Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute

An interactive session with an in-depth look at the fashion industry, climate justice, and young women’s leadership. Together, we will explore how young women are both affecting and affected by our relationship with the clothing, human rights, and Earth. Through small group discussion, attendees will work together to co-create a commitment that outlines the collective impact young women wish to have on the planet.

Stand Up Against Street Harassment


In 2020, Hollaback! and L’Oréal Paris join forces to ensure everyone’s self-worth, leveraging Hollaback!’s 5D’s methodology to help people safely intervene when they experience or witness harassment in public spaces. Through this training we use a clear, adaptable, and expert-approved set of tools that have been proven to reduce the prevalence of street harassment.

STORYTELLING: Your Tool For Culture Shift and Social Change


The power of storytelling is its ability to create community, culture and understanding, and lift up new ideas. As leaders, it is our privilege and responsibility to share our stories as well as the stories of those without a voice

Channel Your Stories Into Change


You don’t have to be an expert in politics to change policy or an expert in lobbying to change minds because you are an expert in you, your own story and your own truth. That is more than enough to take back the legislative process and claim your power as a “lobbyist.” Join us to learn how.

Black Girls Speaking Up and Leading The Way

The Dinner Table Doc

An interactive workshop designed to help black and brown young women and girls continue to organize and use their voice in the digital space in response to #BlackLivesMatter protest and COVID-19.

Dating Violence- Prevention of Violence through Education

Stop the Silence Foundation

We will learn about the signs of abuse in dating violence, what to be aware of, and how to fight for healthy relationships!

Why Menstrual Equity is Important to Gender Equity

The Flow Initiative

What is #BlackGirlsBleed and How Can We Help Black Girls in the Menstrual Equity Fight? This breakout will create a letter to local school boards and elected officials that all grammar schools, high schools, and colleges provide access to a period product pantry for all menstruators, especially in economically disadvantaged communities.

Young Women on the Grind

Ambassadors of Change

Calling ALL Young Women! Let’s Talk! This workshop focuses on the fundamental issues that arise in the community, that pertains specifically to the hindering of young women being successful in their own right and being able to serve as activists in their community.  Participants in this workshop will receive the opportunity to understand their worth, release their built-up frustration, and learn ways to reevaluate their mentality of leading their generation while silencing the hate.

How Inclusive Sex Ed Can Put an End to Toxic Masculinity in Schools (and stop a bunch of other bad things)

Girls Inc. of OC

This breakout session will be guided by six strong, smart, bold healthy sexuality advocates that have already been working to create real change in their local school system.  Our youth facilitators will lead a discussion on how academic, systemic, and social opposition to inclusive sex education in our public schools directly contributes to toxic masculinity in students and the school staff.  The program will provide real examples and focus on a solution-oriented approach to leading change in your community to advocate for inclusivity, information, and a move away from an abstinence-only agenda.

The Importance of Empowering Young Girls

Girls Inc. of Chicago

The purpose of this breakout session is to explain the importance of empowering and educating young girls and women. The leaders of this discussion will be sharing their personal experiences with female empowerment and our road to becoming changemakers in our respective communities. They will also discuss their work with Girls Inc. of Chicago and how it inspired them to be a leader and role model for young girls and women.

We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For!

Brown Issues

Join us in conversation with young women who, growing up, saw very little representation of Brown women role models and are doing their part to change that for the next generation of young women. By bringing together their voices, wisdom, and creativity, young women from Brown Issues are exercising their voice to address social problems and leveraging social media platforms to uplift their collective voice. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!

Stand Up Against Street Harassment


In 2020, Hollaback! and L’Oréal Paris join forces to ensure everyone’s self-worth, leveraging Hollaback!’s 5D’s methodology to help people safely intervene when they experience or witness harassment in public spaces. Through this training we use a clear, adaptable, and expert-approved set of tools that have been proven to reduce the prevalence of street harassment.



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